It's National Puppy Day, and we just had to show you the adorable puppies that are currently available at the Idaho Humane Society and West Valley Humane Society.

There's no better way to celebrate today than by looking at adorable dog pictures, spending time with our own puppies, or even by adding a new pup to our families.

There are over 30+ puppies available and we have their photos and details below 👇

The weather is a little better now, and it seems like every time I leave my house there are tons of people outside with their dogs. I think it's safe to say Idahoans are "dog people." I love that.

I was able to speak with folks at the humane societies, and they said there's definitely no shortage of puppies, and right now is one of the best times of year to adopt — even puppies under 1 year old. It breaks our hearts to learn about their stories and how they ended up in these shelters, but we hope they all find homes and new families soon!

Dog Flapping GIF By MOODMAN

The pictures below are from the Idaho Humane Society and West Valley Humane Society. We've included their links to view more details about adopting etc. Please note, the photos below are of dogs under the age of 1 year. There are A LOT of other dogs available and we encourage following the links and checking out all of the dogs.

Keep scrolling for pictures of all the adorable puppies in the Boise area 👇

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Adorable Boise Dog Photos

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