Look, I know it's a weird topic to discuss but let's get real for a moment - mammals like to mate, and sometimes they don't care who (or what) it's with. Take the case of our dog Shiner.

That furry little you-know-what loves to get his paws on our sofa pillows. I do have to give Shiner credit for waiting for my family and me to go to bed before he does the "Horizontal Tango" with our throw cushions.

It's disgusting actually but there's a reason we're getting that out of the way.

What if your dog is into other dogs instead of inanimate objects?

First off, that's considered "normal" in the dog owner community. Secondly, dogs, too, can share unexpected surprises like their human counterparts.

What if an Idaho dog "accidentally" gets another dog pregnant? We know that the dogs aren't going to take themselves to court to determine who has parental rights and visitation rights... rather, that falls on the owners assuming that one of the dogs gets the other pregnant.

If that were to happen, which pet owner is responsible for all of the costs, upkeep, and more importantly, the safety of the puppies?

Is it possible that there is such a thing as "deadbeat dogs"?

Sorry folks, the world is not all sunshine and rainbows...

Unfortunately, it doesn't appear that there are any laws governing "parental rights" for dogs in Idaho or on the federal. If I'm wrong and you know of a specific bill or law, that's totally fine with me, just let me know as I can tend to get a little cross-eyed in my research. I certainly have no shame in admitting that I'm not a serious "legal expert."

I did, however, find a few laws that you could maybe use in your argument whether it was your dog who got spicy with the neighbor's dog or not.

According to Idaho legislation, Title 25 has an entire chapter dedicated to dogs. While there are no specific laws that talk about "deadbeat dogs", there are a few laws on "at-risk dogs" among other terms. There seems to be no specific law, however, on determining which pet owner is responsible in the event that someone's dog gets another person's dog pregnant.

When researching the topic, I found several forums that seem to indicate the best course of action to take is to present your case to a civil court and settle any disagreements about the pups there.

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