If You Don’t Buckle Up in Idaho, It Can Cost You
The annual Click It or Ticket campaign starts soon, meaning officers will be focused on passing out tickets to those of us that head down the road without seat belts fastened.
The dates cover Memorial Day - one of the busiest and most dangerous weekends to be out on the highway.
In Idaho You Can Eat Road Kill
I don't know about you, but if I hit a deer the last thing I'm thinking about is eating it.  In fact, I would probably have stomach ache knowing I killed Bambi's mom.  But it's perfectly legal in Idaho to eat road kill if you want, as long as you do this one thing first…
Should There Be A Law?
Watch this video and give me your reaction.  Then answer "Should There Be A Law?"
Minutes later we saw just the opposite as we passed a cowboy on Ten Mile Road, he was pulling a really nice horse trailer/living quarters with his pickup.  Next t...