Back in January, we showed you what was described as "one of the finest homes ever built." With a price tag of $19.5 million, at the time, it was Idaho's most expensive home for sale. This property in Ketchum has that price tag beat! 

The first property we mentioned? It took almost 670 days to sell and had to go through two price drops before someone finally took the plunge. The last listing price we saw for it was $18.5 million. Will this property take as long to sell?

This Ketchum property was put on the market on March 14 and belonged to successful developer and philanthropist, Harry Rinker. According to Rinker's obituary, he passed away peacefully at one of his homes in Newport Beach, California, last August. He was 100 years old. We're not quite sure how long the Newport Beach home was his primary residence, because back when he gave an interview to the Idaho Mountain Express in 2018, he and his wife, Diane, were living at this home in Ketchum.

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Rinker had an incredible 80 year career in real estate development and investments, building homes, shopping centers and gas stations in the west. After vacationing in Sun Valley, he saw an opportunity to build some incredible communities there like Gold Eagle Ranch, Riverview Ranch and Gimlet, the subdivision that this home is located in.

However, those won't be the Rinker's legacy in Idaho. In 2014, the Rinkers gave their 10,400 acre "Rock Creek Ranch" to the Wood River Land Trust and Nature Conservancy. Five years later, it became property of University of Idaho. Today, it's used for research, education, conservation and recreation.

Of course, you can still see a bit of Rinker's incredible personality in the photos of his former home. Take a look around!

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Take a look around and decide for yourself!

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