Sushi, anyone? Boise is home to a number of amazing restaurants, and among those are some out-of-this-world sushi restaurants.

A recent article from Stacker shares the highest-rated sushi restaurants in the Boise area according to Tripadviser, and I was immediately curious to find out who was ranked #1 for Idaho.

But first, I thought it was interesting that Stacker shared more about sushi's history. They said...

“Sushi first started gaining popularity in the U.S. in the 1960s, when a restaurant called Kawafuku opened in Los Angeles' Little Tokyo neighborhood. The restaurant's sushi bar was frequented by Japanese businessmen, who'd bring their American coworkers for a meal. Eventually, sushi restaurants started cropping up in other Californian cities, like Osho, which opened in 1970, next to the 20th Century Fox studio in Hollywood, attracting big-name producers, directors, and actors.”

And so on and so forth, sushi became incredibly popular and now (according to Stacker) there are 16,000 sushi restaurants throughout the country.

And that includes Boise! So, who ranks #1 for sushi?


Kyoto Japanese Steak House at 6002 W Fairview Avenue in Boise.

I've never been to Kyoto Japanese Steak House, but I'm feeling like checking it out now! Personally, I’m not a huge fan of sushi (don’t come at me), but it looks like they offer a wide variety of other dishes and an incredibly fun experience for everyone, whether sushi is your thing or not.

Google Maps | Kyoto Japanese Steak House
Google Maps | Kyoto Japanese Steak House

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