Over the last several years, Idaho’s experienced significant growth. More people means we need more places to live. 

Unfortunately, that’s led to a lot of new subdivisions where all the houses look eerily similar to each other. They lack the charm and character of homes in older neighborhoods, so when you stumble upon a property with some unique features, you can’t help but take a few minutes to marvel at the real estate photos. 

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Cheapism.com’s Saundra Latham took it one step further. She didn’t just want to find homes with one or two quirky features. She wanted to find the absolute weirdest home ever built in each state in America and she found some doozies. Like this inland lighthouse in Guntersville, Alabama. 


Or this replica of the White House that’s a 9.5-hour drive and over 629 miles away from the original. 

Image via Google Maps
Image via Google Maps

What makes Idaho’s “weirdest home” unique, besides the way it looks both inside and out, is the fact that when she was writing her article in November 2022, it was one of the few homes on the list that was actually for sale! 


Located in Sagle, the bizarre-looking “treehouse” sold the very next month. From the looks of the real estate photos, whoever took a chance on this home has some serious work on their hands but when it’s done? Well, it could be something really spectacular. 

Trust us when we say, you won’t expect what you’re about to see inside!

Someone Just Took a Chance on Buying the Weirdest House in Idaho

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