Is Idaho's newest millionaire too in shock to claim their money? Did they forget they had a ticket in their wallet? We want to know and so do our friends at the Idaho Lottery! 

The clock is ticking for the grand prize winner of this year's Idaho Lottery $1,000,000 Raffle game. The winning numbers were announced on December 29 and according to a January 11 post the Idaho Lottery made to their "stories" on the official Instagram page, no one has come forward to claim the grand prize!

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According to the rules of the game, all winners, regardless of how much they win have 180 days to claim their money. Winners must sign their ticket in order for it to be valid for redemption Prizes of $1,000 or more need to be claimed at the Idaho Lottery headquarters in Boise.

So, do you have a ticket buried in your purse or stashed somewhere in your wallet that you forgot about? Now's a good time to check! Here's a look at that winning number.

In addition to the $1,000,000 winner, a document on the lottery's website indicates that they still looking for seven $1,000 who won cash during their daily $1,000 drawings. The winning $1,000 tickets that haven't been claimed yet are:

  • 006747
  • 016106
  • 024200
  • 057221
  • 076606
  • 094975
  • 102979

Each year, the Idaho Lottery sells 250,000 for the game. With tickets sold ONLY in Idaho, it's your best odds of winning $1,000,000. This year's game generated so much interest that tickets sold out before Thanksgiving. They were gone in 34 days, a new record for the 15-year-old game.

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It's a Good Week to Get Rich in Idaho

In addition to the $1,000,000 Raffle Winner, the Idaho Lottery is waiting for a $2,000,000 winner in Tuesday night's Mega Millions drawing to come forward. The Mega Millions website says that Match 5 + Megaplier winning tickets were sold in Idaho and Tennessee for the drawing that took place on January 11. According to the Idaho Lottery's Instagram story, that ticket was sold in Twin Falls County.

There was no jackpot winner, so Friday's drawing is now at $325 million! Thinking about buying a ticket? These are some Idaho Lottery retailers that have sold BIG winners in the past, including one store that sold a Powerball jackpot-winning ticket not once, but TWICE!

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