It's the split-second decision I didn't make yesterday that changed my mind-set.

Last week, I made an appointment for a pedicure. The day came and it ended up being insane. I was running late, didn't have anything finished and was under a time crunch. My first thought was to reschedule my appointment. I didn't know when I would schedule it for because it seems like any time I plan to do something for me, it doesn't work out.

In 2015, my personal commitment is to take time for myself and not let life's "busy" get in the way. My pedicure was step 1. In the middle of my day of crazy, I put everything down, didn't over-think what I was doing and why I was doing it, and just drove myself to Exhale Salon and Med Spa. As a woman, it's easy to look at the things we have to get done and eliminate anything that benefits us. We sacrifice everything. What does that leave us with? Nothing.

I'm SO glad I made this pedicure a priority. I know I'm making this appointment seem like it was the difference between life and death. It's not. It was a life-saver for those around me because I thought I was going to lose my marbles. Anyone in my path would have been the recipient of that hot mess. It's not pretty.

This was not just any pedicure. OH MY GOSH! It ended up being so much more. I got a Brightening Aroma Pedicure which included a calming ritual which I was NOT expecting. My body went from moving 90 miles an hour to a nice, relaxed feeling. I had a paraffin treatment, a massage and an incredible conversation with Jami.  There are no pretentious attitudes, just a complete focus on offering the best experience.

I walked out of Exhale with a new outlook on the day. It ended up being exactly what I needed. I'm so glad I took some "me" time.

The weather is cruddy, Valentine's Day is coming up and life is stressful. You deserve to take some time for you. The better we are as individuals, the better we can be for others.

Today has gone MUCH better. I just needed to put life on pause for a short time. I'll be doing it again soon. Hmmm...massage? Spray tan? Facial?