Do you participate in St. Patrick's Day?  I haven't in years past, but now with an eight year-old, I feel the need to embrace our "themed" holidays.  So I've gone green.

Last year, much like my Christmas shopping, I had waited until the last-minute and had nothing to wear for the "big day."  Yes, we had agreed at the office that we were going to dress to impress, and I hadn't searched my closet for anything green.

Connell - St. Patrick's Day 2

By the time I did, the only solution seemed to be a quick trip to Fred Meyer or Walmart.  I was certain Walmart would have a more, how shall we say, "interesting" selection of shirts, so that was the place.

Fortunately, it yielded the most amazing all things green t-shirt I've ever had the pleasure of owning.

So this year, I was excited to rock the St. Patrick's Day spirit with my amazing Walmart Clearance t-shirt.  I think my kiddo was excited too, until the actual moment arrived.


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