As the COVID pandemic has raged on across the United States, entertainers and entertainment venues have had to reinvent the way they do business. With large gatherings banned, concerts and even movie theaters have shut their doors. Locally, this meant completely shutting down what was supposed to be an exciting concert season in the Treasure Valley, as well as an excellent lineup of Broadway shows and comedy events at the Morrison Center. As we approach the nine-month mark of being under health advisories and these types of businesses shut down, we are starting to find new ways to see these types of performances. Some of the Broadway shows have handled performances by doing virtual shows for specific cities. Limiting the number of people watching help for several reasons. First, it allows the performers to work for more extended periods. Secondly, it creates demand for a paid live stream, and finally, it keeps the bandwidth strong, so there aren't dropouts.

The latest of these performances for the Boise area combines a Christmas family tradition with the hip hop genre. At 8pm, the Morrison Center presents the Hip Hop Nutcracker. If you love dance, hip hop, the story of the Nutcracker, or all three, you're going to want to see this. It's an entirely different take on the Tchaikovski classic. Instead of an orchestra, a violinist plays the music with a live DJ. There's even an MC to make sure you get all of the plot points. That MC is none other than Hip Hop legend Kurtis Blow.

The story remains the same as the classic, but the presentation is uniquely modernized. See the sizzle reel from last year's performance in the video below. There are two price levels to watch. $20 allows you to watch the show live, and $50 lets you watch it as many times as you want for the next 48 hours, gets you into a Q&A with producers, and a cast autographed show poster. You can buy your ticket HERE.

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