WE threw out the question... YOU answered... Here are the Top 10 BEST Pizza hot spots in the Treasure Valley.

A BIG congratulations to our Top 10.  We had so many responses on so many incredibly delicious pizza hot spots we thought we'd highlight some of those getting votes but not making it into the Top 10.

  • Keystone (Caldwell)
  • PizzalChik (Now Closed)
  • Twisted Timber
  • Mancino's Grinders
  • Pie Hole
  • Slice (Meridian)
  • Grimaldi's
  • West Side
  • Marcos
  • Old Chicago
  • Papa Murphys
  • Smokey Mountain
  • Cost Co Pizza
  • Flatbread

There it is.  THE best pizza in Idaho's Treasure Valley.  Did your favorite make the list?

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