Some obscure holidays we could live without, like national ham day or toothbrush day, but this might be a good one.

Today is National Margarita Day, and one Boise spot plans to help you celebrate.

The site gets into the history behind this awesome holiday, and says margs were probably developed in the 1930s or 1940s, but the frozen drink wasn't invented until the 1970's, when a creative bartender used an ice cream machine to crank out the first frozen margarita.  Thanks dude, for giving us this creative way to pack about a fourth of our day's calories into one delicious, limey, beverage.

Cafe Ole in Boise (Town Square) will celebrate the holiday today as one of the official party spots, according to the National Margarita Day website.

There's your excuse to hit happy hour if you needed one.  And if you want to have friends over and whip up your own, click HERE for some recipes.

A national drinking holiday?  The Monday blahs have no chance today.