We are two weeks away from many people's favorite holiday, Halloween. Spooky season is everyone's chance to be someone else. That means becoming the person you want to be or showing your co-workers the person you are behind closed doors! This article has nothing to do with your Halloween costume, but everything to do with the costume that you force onto your dog. I don't think that dogs actually like wearing clothes, but we enjoy seeing them, so it doesn't really matter. If we want our dog to look like our boss, our dog will dress up as our boss. I created a list of Halloween costumes that you can use to dress up your dog in a way that really represents either Idaho, 2020, or both!


We can't start a list of Halloween costumes for dogs representing the state of Idaho without having a costume that has something to do with a potato. Here's a Baked Potato Dog Costume!

Okay, I'm not done with potato costumes! Here's a Tater Tot costume that looks relatively easy to make on your own.

The Boise State Broncos will be back in action for Halloween weekend this year and since we want to support them, maybe dress your dog up as a player!

Nothing says late 2020 like an election inspired costume, so how about this Trump costume, complete with a wig.

Happy Halloween!

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