Eagle Road was absolute chaos this week, being shut down because of a water main break.

It's getting repaired, and who's supplying the cash will leave you scratching your head.

A portion of Eagle Road was closed off, causing massive backups, detours, and overall bad travel experiences this week. The story isn't that a water main broke, that kind of thing happens all the time. What's odd is how early it failed.

The water main in question was designed to last 100 years. Thing is, it was built only 34 years ago. Unfortunately, the city of Meridian will be footing the bill, as the contractor who placed the pipe won't be found responsible. Meridian's Deputy Director of Utility Operations explains:

We do have a 2 year warranty on new construction pipe that the contractor would be responsible for if there was a failure in those first 2 years, however, this pipe was installed in 1984 so we're well outside of that warranty period.

No word yet on exactly where that funding will come from, but let us hope that Eagle Road doesn't get shut down again anytime soon.

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