His songs have popped up on all of these TV shows except one.  Can you guess which show has never included a Mat Kearney song?

Cold Case, NCIS, One Tree Hill, Scandal, and Grey's Anatomy.

He's got one of those voices that just blends right in with your life and helps you clean the house, cycle at the gym, and drive. Just turn up a Mat Kearney album and let your mind drift off, and the next thing you know the house is spotless, you've cycled a half marathon, or you've reached your road trip destination. It works.

More than a dozen TV shows have noticed that Mat Kearney songs can make a dramatic moment more dramatic and make a romantic moment a little spicier.  He's one of the kings of TV soundtracks, and many of the songs you'll hear Saturday at the Boise Music Festival will probably be recognizable because you've heard them on TV.  "Oh, that's the guy!"

Of these shows, one has never included a Mat Kearney song.

Cold Case


One Tree Hill


Grey's Anatomy

What's your guess?

Ok, it's Scandal.  A Mat Kearney song never popped up on that show, but he's had a song on all the rest and a whole bunch of others, according to Imdb.

And he's had songs on Jericho, The Vampire Diaries, Bones, and others.  He's had the most songs on Grey's Anatomy -- that show included four Mat Kearney songs.

Sometimes we're so into our favorite show that we don't make a conscious note of the song we're hearing while our favorite character is going through a bad breakup or an unexpected medical crisis.  Mat Kearney will help those songs bubble up this weekend.

Mat was born in Eugene, Oregon so he knows his way around the Northwest.  Don't miss Mat Kearney at BMF on Saturday!

Showtime is 1:30 pm on the Commercial Tire Main Stage for Mat Kearney.  Get tickets HERE.

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