Three years ago a buddy of mine,  Lon, let me have his potato field after the harvester was finished.  We started the Great Potato Gleaning for Charity.  We raised almost a thousand dollars that year.  Last year it was over two thousand dollars.

I'm looking for a potato field near Boise to do it again this year.  We suggest a donation of $10.00 per car, with no limit on how many potato's you carry off. We've had folks come in trucks for their church food bank to shiny new SUV's (which badly needed a bath after the gleaning).  Kids to grandparents, first timers to experienced gleaners, they all come to pick potatoes and most of all, have fun.

If you've never gleaned a potato field, keep listening to 107.9 Lite FM.  We will let you know when, where, what time and day and the best part is the money will go to the Lite FM Christmas Wish. So start doing what ever you need to get ready and teach the little ones how to drive the tractor, because everyone is invited.


Kevin Mee