I love to jump onto classified sites to see if there's anything that I think I need or want at a price that I can convince my wife that it's worth it. I'm always surprised at the weird things I find on Facebook Marketplace, OfferUp, KSL Classifieds, or Craigslist. Why do people have these things? At what point did they decide that they needed this strange item? Why did they choose that now is the time to get rid of this item? These are questions that I'll never know the answer to, but the things they are selling make me laugh anyway.

Here are some of the strange items that you can get on Boise's Craigslist right now.

Huge Hanging Ghost

This huge could be hanging above your garage this Halloween! The current owner paid $125 for it a year ago. Maybe because they don't expect many trick or treaters this year, they're letting it go for $50!


Reserved Parking Sign

Have you ever had that parking space at your work that you love to get, but it's rarely available? For just $15, you can put this handy sign up so that no one else will get it, and then you can take it down once you park!


CLC Suspenders

Have you ever bent down to measure something using your handy tape measure but every time you do, your pants fall? Now you can keep your pants up and measure things simultaneously with these brilliant measuring tape suspenders!


Solar Lighthouse

Have you ever driven home in the fog and not been able to find your way home? For just $125, you could own this one of a kind lighthouse that will guide you home.


Diff'rent Strokes Season 1

Have you ever wanted to teach life lessons to your kids but thought it would be better if they learned from Mr. Drummond instead? Whatcha talkin' about Willis? For only $5, Mr. Drummond and Mrs. Garrett will teach your kids everything they need to know about growing up in the '80s.


Halloween On Harrison BLVD