This is why everyday in the Treasure Valley is like a staycation!

March - yep that's the month the calendar says it is, but Mother Nature disagrees and blessed us with another glorious day yesterday with sunshine and hi's close to 80 degrees.

I love to bike on the Boise Greenbelt and have done so hundreds of times and every time I see or experience something new.  Yesterday I slowed down and savored the sights and reveled in just how lucky we've been to have such a warm spring.

I got the giggles when I saw a duck striking and holding a pretty awesome yoga pose:

It was also kinda freaky to see a hawk flying around near Glenwood and the Fairgrounds for several minutes with its talons full of "groceries" for its nest of chicks.

There is also a HUGE new park going in along one big stretch of the greenbelt.  There were some detours, but I didn't mind because it's exciting to see the new improvements and I got to mix up my usual bike route. If you've never experienced the Boise Greenbelt on foot, skates or bike you really need to add it to your bucket list and check it out.