An Easy Way To Help MK Nature Center
There are many reasons to walk along the Boise River Greenbelt. It's beautiful, great exercise, and along the way, there are many opportunities to learn about Boise and history. One of the highlights of the greenbelt is the Idaho Fish and Game MK Nature Center...
How Dangerous Are Boise's Geese?
Have you ever been walking the Boise Greenbelt or been at a park with some sort of water feature and encountered an angry goose? The sound that they make and the speed at which a goose will charge is frightening! I grew up watching old movies like "The Birds" and more recent films …
Boise Wants Your Thoughts on e-Bikes
E-bikes are catching on around the Treasure Valley, and some of them can really zoom. Boise is looking at ways now to make sure these electric bikes are playing nice with pedestrians and other bikes, and they're asking for your thoughts. Like, should faster bikes be kept off The Greenbelt?
Update On Greenbelt Repair
Just a few months ago, the potential for flooding along the Boise Greenbelt was likely and damage along the path had closed it. Now, repair on the final sections is about to begin.
Update On Greenbelt Repair
If you've been floating the Boise River or enjoying most sections of the Greenbelt, you may have forgotten that just a couple months ago many places along the trail were damaged.

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