One person's rant on a Boise Reddit thread has sparked a conversation that continues to be brought up, especially when someone is reckless on the Boise Greenbelt. If you haven't experienced this on the Greenbelt, you probably know someone who has. Here's what was posted on the Boise Reddit that sparked a pretty in-depth conversation. 

I was passed twice tonight in 15 mins by reckless riders on e-bikes going at least 30 mph on the south side of the Greenbelt in crowded areas. There are toddlers walking on the path, which I also don't agree with, but there's going to be a horrendous outcome. The scooters are bad, but the e-bike riders are outright dangerous.

So is Greenbelt etiquette lacking, or should E-bikes be banned? 

Another Reddit user did say that there was a town hall, and they had made specific rules about speed and the type of E-bike allowed on the Boise Greenbelt. But who's going to enforce those rules? There's never been anyone on the Greenbelt implementing any regulations. 

What will it take for E-Bikes to be regulated on the Greenbelt? 

Will it take someone being hurt? Enough people complaining at city council meetings? Or does this fall on the Greenbelt users to have some etiquette? To address the user's point of toddlers on the pather further down on the thread, they addressed the comment by saying, "I mean parents allowing toddlers wandering free while they laugh and take selfies." 

As you get set to hit the Greenbelt this weekend, remember to be patient, let people know if you're going to be passing on their left, and if you're walking along the Greenbelt, you should stay to the right. If you want to read what other people had to say about E-Bikes on the Greenbelt, keep scrolling. 

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E Bikes on the Greenbelt are going to kill someone.
by u/fastermouse in Boise

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