With temperatures coming close to triple digits again by mid-week, it's hard to imagine mornings where you'll need to leave extra time to scrape the windows and turn those seat heaters up to high to get you through the commute to the office! 

I think we can all admit that last winter, although pretty cold at times, was a gift after trying to survive Snowpocalypse 2017-2018.  How close did it come to the Farmer's Almanac predictions? Last August, they predicted a colder than average winter with higher than average snowfall, especially through January and February. We may now have seen a lot of snow in the valley, but the prediction was pretty dead on. Bogus got more than 11 feet of snow in February and was able to throw a 100 inch party for the first time in nearly 80 years.

With that in mind, how much stock are you willing to put in their forecast for 2019-2020? The internet is freaking out about them nicknaming this upcoming winter the "Polar Coaster" because of how many ups and downs the thermometer is going to see. They also used some colorful language like "free-falling, frigid temperatures" and "frequent, free-falling precipitation." After living through Snowpocalypse, is easy to cringe.

Well, don't start stocking up on hand warmers and pre-ordering shovels off Amazon quite yet! There's good news if you dig a little deeper into the forecast! The Farmer's Almanac breaks the country into seven regions and the region that we fall in calls for chilly temperatures, but normal precipitation. In fact, the later half of Boise State season might be a lot more pleasant than last year because temperatures in November are expected to be almost four degrees warmer than average.

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