The Idaho Humane Society goes above and beyond serving the needs of pets in our community. One resources you may not know about as a pet owner, The Pet Food Pantry.

IHS understands that when families are financially struggling, a pet might not always become a priority. If these pets are already living in a happy and stable home though, the humane society wants to do its part to keep them there which is why they set up The Pet Food Pantry. The pantry is a pet food assistance resource that distributes food twice a month.

The Pet Food Pantry can provide a household with food for up to four pets per household for up to six months but before a family can qualify, there are some stipulations. All pets must be spayed and neutered within 3 months of joining the program if they aren't already. (IHS offers subsidized pricing on spay/neuter for low-income families and individuals). They also must be living in the household for three months or more. It's also important for families to agree not to add or replace their pet population by taking in more animals.

To apply for pet food assistance, you'll need to either stop by the shelter to receive an application or fill out an application online. Applicants are required to provide proof of need which can be documented with anything like food Stamps/EBT Card, Medicaid/Medicare, Social Security.. etc.

If you and your pet are not in need of assistance, or maybe you don't even have a pet at all - the humane society is always accepting donations to fill The Pet Food Pantry. There are 20+ donation drop-off locations around the Treasure Valley.

Donations requested are:

  • Canned pet food, especially canned cat food from early spring to late fall
  • Dry dog and puppy food
  • Dry cat and kitten food
  • Cat litter
  • Dog treats
  • Monetary donations to purchase any of the above items when an urgent need arises

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