It's a law you might not be totally aware of since it passed just a few days after Idaho's first confirmed case of COVID-19. The new law went into effect in July, but if you were caught breaking it you skated by with a warning. That grace period is over. 

Idaho law enforcement agencies started citing people for breaking the "Idaho Hands-Free Law" on Friday, January 1 but with the holiday weekend, you may not have had a commute long enough to tempt you into breaking it.

Under the law, drivers may not hold their cellphones in order to use them. Should you need to use your mobile device it needs to be in hands-free mode while behind the wheel. That includes if you're stopped at a red light or stop sign. If you want to make a call, use your GPS or send a voice text, you can only do that with a one-touch or voice command.

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What happens if you get popped for violating the new statewide law? The Boise Police Department shared the fines and court costs on their Facebook page late last week.

  • 1st Offense: $75 Fine + Court Costs = $131.50
  • 2nd Offense Within Three Years: $150 fine + Court Costs = $206.50
  • 3rd (and subsequent offenses) Within Three Years: $300 fine + Court Costs - $356.50

By the way, three offenses in three years isn't just expensive. It could also lead to you having your license suspended for up to 90 days.

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