The holidays may be behind us, but in Idaho there’s still plenty of time left to create some absolutely magical winter memories! 

That could mean flying down the hill during coming tubing. It could mean channeling your inner Elsa at the enchanted LaBelle Lake Ice Palace. Maybe it means setting sail on an unforgettable Hot Cocoa Cruise

Facebook The Ice Palace at LaBelle Lake
Facebook/The Ice Palace at LaBelle Lake

Those experiences should absolutely be on your winter bucket list, but we’re going to throw one more idea your way! How about sipping on cocktails and enjoying some cozy apps inside your own private igloo? Talk about a super fun girls' night or a romantic date night! 

These little dining bubbles became really popular during the height of the COVID pandemic because they provided a cheery way to hang out with a small group, away from other guests. But the truth is? They would’ve been really cool a year or a decade before any of us had heard of the coronavirus. 

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The clear walls keep the heat in, the weather out and allow you to take in some really pretty views of Idaho’s gorgeous lakes or people watch in some bustling hot spots. There aren’t a lot of these places in the Gem State, but we did some digging to find at least four places where can enjoy his cool experience! 

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