Say you work in an office like we do, with a wide variety of people. Odds are you have the communal microwave. Our microwave that had been here forever, died last week, so someone brought one in from home or a second hand store, either way we have a microwave that is new to us and works.

This morning as I was waiting for my leftover breakfast to nuke, I decided to take one of the Purell sanitizing hand wipes and clean off the face of the microwave and the button that opens it up. I had 30 seconds left for my concoction to cook, so I decided that would be the time limit to clean. I didn't unfold the wet wipe and in those 30 seconds, it turned black, not brown, now kind of hazy yellow dirty, I'm talking dirt black.

I took a second wet wipe and hit the area again, it turned yellow/brown. Really after the first time it was still dirty. Soooooo, I hit a third time, whew nothing, at least to the naked eye.  Now I want to take Wet Wipes around the building and see just how gross things are.

I think I'll go for the handle on the refrigerator next, it looks gross as it is.

Time for you to do this with your office microwave and then report the results here.

Kevin Mee

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