You’d say Boise is a clean city, right? Well, apparently the rest of the country doesn’t think so. I know, that’s a bold claim. But after a couple hours of Google searching... I can’t seem to find Boise on ANY lists of clean cities in America.

And it’s not that we’re ranking low on the lists... we’re just not even on the lists at all! How can that be? Boise is one of the cleanest cities out there. Take a trip to Detroit, Memphis, Chicago, Denver, Portland, or anywhere in California and you’ll see exactly what I mean — and when you come back to Idaho, you’ll be quick to notice how much cleaner it is here.

You can only take so much of the body odor and cigarette smells before you absolutely have to come back to good ol’ Idaho. There are all kinds of reasons why people from all over America continue to move here, and some of the top reasons include how extremely safe and clean it is here — we’re actually very fortunate.

Last updated in September of this year, there’s a recent article from InsureMyTrip that says...

“The COVID-19 pandemic has increased awareness in the general public regarding personal hygiene and cleanliness, particularly in regard to places outside of the home.”

So, they made a list of the cleanest cities in America and Boise isn’t on the list at all, in fact, I don’t think anywhere in Idaho is mentioned — but the cities I mentioned (above) ARE on these lists.

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