It’s 2022 and according to, Idaho is still holding the title of ‘Most Boring State in America’ and we are here for it. You read that right. If a survey says Idaho is the “most boring”? Yes – yes, we are and it’s terrible. If a survey says that we’re the smelliest city? That’s right, we have a sugar beet factory in Nampa and it’s "unbearable". Are we catching on yet?

Photo by Will Smith on Unsplash
Photo by Will Smith on Unsplash

Surveys like this mean something to Idaho, especially when there’s a population boom. That’s because Idaho is like the person everyone wants to date and outsiders are those annoying stalkers that won’t leave Idaho alone. Outsiders keep asking Idaho for a date but are constantly rejected and despite the constant failure, the outsider won’t give up. So, in a last-ditch effort to deter outsiders, Idaho rocks its worst outfit and highlights its worst features in hopes that outsiders will leave Idaho alone. Whether or not this works… well, that’s up to us!

This is where the people of Idaho need to rally; it's our chance to scare off those "stalkers."  According to, the criteria that made Idaho the “most boring” was based on the following:

  • Percent of the population over 60
  • Percent of the population over 15 that is married
  • Percent of households with kids
  • Population density

They go on to say that the higher the first three percentages in that list are, the higher potential the state has to be considered “boring.” The best part? The lower the population density, the more “boring” Idaho is- this is great news! Because our population density is still low enough, this adds to our “boring” score; something most outsiders won’t bother looking into and how it works. They’ll simply see you share this article, read the headline, and think about how they don’t want to live in a state as boring as Idaho.

Idaho Welcome Sign

It's time, Idaho. We see the comments about California, we hear your woes about “transplants”, and all of us are feeling the impact on living costs. This is our chance to use these types of surveys as a defense mechanism to scare off would-be transplants and keep Idaho…. well… "boring."

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