Education is Idaho's Top Priority
Researchers at Boise State have been asking for opinions on the most important issues facing Idahoans in the coming months, and most say education is a top priority.
Healthcare gets some focus too.  What do you think?
And Idaho's Favorite Halloween Candy Is...
If you ask ten people for their opinions on the best Halloween candy, you might get ten different answers.
Can we at least agree that chocolate is better than a sucker?  Moms are not raiding the Halloween haul looking for Dum Dums.
Most people in Idaho agree that the best Halloween candy is …
We Need Your Vote
Just found out that the Boise Weekly is having their annual "Best of Boise" readers poll.  There is a place for not only Brenda and I, or Brenda and me, I'm never sure which one it is, but for your favorite radio station.  So if you would please vote for both of us..…