When you think donuts in Boise, what is the first donut shop you think of?

Yeah. That one is the best in Idaho, according to a poll that broke down the donut love in all fifty states.

ExtraCrispy.com broke it down by state, and said the best donut in Idaho comes from Guru Donuts. We know!  We've had a few.

The fact that they added a pumpkin donut for fall may have put them over the edge.  Too much pumpkin?  Never!  The Great Pumpkin is "house made pumpkin pie cheesecake filled Bismarck drizzled in dark chocolate with naturally dyed sprinkles."  Who needs to use a comma or a hyphen when your donuts are that stream-of-consciousness-good.  They've got the Maple Bar and the Caramel Apple Fritter too, for you pumpkin haters.

Anyway congrats, Guru.  Guru Donuts found out about the latest honor and said on its website, "We won't let you down, Idaho."  We have no doubt.

They moved locations over the summer, from that historic building downtown, to 128 West Main in the Idanha and they're settling in just fine.

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