Food & Wine made a list of The Best Doughnuts in Every State. On this list (and representing all of Idaho) is the one and only ... Guru Donuts in Boise. They make fresh donuts every day, totally from scratch, and with local ingredients.

They claim on their website, “Not only do we make our donuts from scratch – Guru Donuts was built from scratch." In 2012, they first started operating inside of a 1903 grocery store. Today, they’re thriving in the historic Idanha Building at 10th and Main Street in downtown Boise.

They had this to say about the community: “Through the helping hands and support of family, friends, and neighbors, Guru Donuts has grown into an incredible business with incredible team members serving the amazing community of Boise. The Guru story is one of true grit, heart-centered service, and willingness to risk everything to go after your dreams. We hope we inspire you to dream big, share joy and LOVE DONUTS.”

Food & Wine had this to say about Guru Donuts: “From the 100% vegan dough used for the yeast doughnuts to gluten-free rings enriched with the state's most famous crop (potatoes, you know this), Guru Donuts in Boise may be all about sustainability and inclusiveness, but it's also about a range of flavors, toppings, and fillings so colorful and inventive, you won't even notice what's missing.”

They go on to say, “Keep eyes peeled for the weekly biscuit doughnut special; known as the Winnie the Pooh, this flaky-delicious beast comes dipped in a honey butter glaze.” Yum. Well doesn't that just sound freakin' delicious? 😂

Kudos to them for working hard and building Guru Donuts into what it is today, showing up for the Boise community, and for representing Idaho on national lists like this one.

Not to mention … they’re totally killing it on Instagram. Warning: Their photos will make you want donuts.

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