It's National Donut Day, and there's one store in the Treasure Valley that will give you a free glazed donut just for walking in the door.  

If you didn't have much success with National Hug a Cat Day this past Tuesday (because cats are squirmy), this holiday today might be a whole lot easier to conquer.

National Donut Day started in 1938, created by the Salvation Army as a way to honor the women who served fresh, hot donuts to American soldiers in France to boost morale during World War I. People called these women the “Donut Lassies,” and they're given credit for boosting the popularity of donuts in the U.S. when they returned home after the war.

And now National Donut Day is celebrated on the first Friday of June every year, with freebies galore.

Walmart plans to give away 1.2 million glazed donuts across the country today, and all you have to do is head to the bakery section of any Walmart Supercenter or participating Neighborhood Market to claim your treat.  It's a limit of one per person.

Pack up the kids and let's go!  My three girls are always asking for donuts and maybe yours are too.  It's easier to say yes if they're free.

And if it's not Walmart, there are several other donut shops and bakeries around the Treasure Valley that are ready to give us donut deals to celebrate National Donut Day, not just in the morning, but all day long.

We'll burn off the sugar at the pool later this weekend.  Happy Donut Day.

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