If you ask ten people for their opinions on the best Halloween candy, you might get ten different answers.

Can we at least agree that chocolate is better than a sucker?  Moms are not raiding the Halloween haul looking for Dum Dums.

Most people in Idaho agree that the best Halloween candy is chocolate and crunchy.  Any guess what it is?

Candy corn is everywhere, but it's not our absolute favorite in Idaho apparently. Oh, but have you tried it with peanuts?  Delicious, and highly addictive!  Candy corn rules in Tennessee, Oregon, South Carolina, Texas and Wyoming, according to Influenster.

In Idaho, most people say Butterfinger is the favorite Halloween candy. Mmmmm....It is good, but the bigger issue is how to eat it exactly.  Do you crunch it and chew it kinda quickly, or do you suck on it and savor it until all the chocolate melts off and you get down to the hard middle and then keep rolling that around in your mouth until it gets softer and finally you finish if off by slowly breaking it up with your teeth? Maybe some of us love Butterfingers a little too much.

Don't even get us girls started on the Reese's Peanut Butter Cup.  Some of us might hold it with our fingertips and circle it around until we've chewed off all the ridged edges of chocolate, and then we pop in the remaining mostly-peanut butter disc in our mouths and suck on that til it melts.  Or so we've heard.  I bet they do that in Connecticut and Rhode Island.  Reese's Peanut Butter Cups are their favorite, according to the survey.

Oh, Oct. 30 is National Candy Corn Day.  It's the perfect opportunity to buy a bag and mix in some peanuts and make a trail mix at the office.  This is weight gain season, so make it count!