Oh deer (doe)... This is problematic. A Boise neighborhood has been dealing with a dead doe on a walking path and they're getting pretty fed up!

This is just one of those things that kind of happens when you live an area that is as alive as the Treasure Valley is, and it's really unfortunate. Deer and cars have been enemies since the invention of the car and no exception was made in this Boise neighborhood. Old Hill Road originally posted on Monday: "Sad morning on Hill Road Parkway. A deceased doe. Drive safe out there and please slow down. These animals are having a tougher time getting around with the city-wide loss of habitat that is occurring during this unprecedented time of growth." As of Tuesday evening, the deer was still laying there and had not been removed by animal control.

A resident of the neighborhood posted her plea to the city of Boise and to the Mayor directly: "This is what #1 looks like with all the @city_of_boise housing growth. I’m thinking it’s real life Lorax that I’m currently living in. And yup. That is on the walking path. Is this what progress is about? @old.hill.road @boise_mayor @lisaforboise can someone from the city take care of this before I have to make my kids walk by it for school tomorrow?! #lorax #drsuess #boise #idaho #idahome #overdevelopment #oldhillroad #myhometown #habitatdestruction #thisisboise"

If the deer has not been cleaned up yet, hopefully it will be soon. One of the many side effects of such a fast growing community.

Photo Credit: Courtney Sibbett
Photo Credit: Courtney Sibbett
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