While public places are being scrubbed and disinfected at a record pace, the extra time at home is forcing a bunch of us to get after projects we've been neglecting. I tore up the master closet this week and learned something surprising about myself in the process.

I really do love home.

I love the feeling of ease that I have at home.  I feel like home is where I have the most impact and purpose, and there's really no place I'd rather be.  I'm not a huge fan of unloading the dishwasher or going upstairs after 8 pm because I'm tired by then and don't want to mess with inclines, but I really do like doing laundry, cooking for the kids, shopping online with my Mini-Pinscher curled up on my lap, and feeling safe.

It's weird this time because it's not our choice to be spending all of this extra time at home, so it can feel a little confining too.  I went through a short process Sunday when I got a little perturbed about that, but then I launched myself into the master closet organization so I wouldn't think about it.  I'm sure you've gone through emotional ups and downs with this whole thing too.

My closet had been on my nerves for about six months.  There were old blankets and towels in odd places, shoes from 2008 that I never wore, and twelve drawstring promotional backpacks that I had thrown into a pile in the corner.  I got all of that and more outta there.  I also realized as I was creating trash, donation, and keep piles, that I sure do have a boatload of camisoles and yoga pants.  There are just some things a girl loves I guess, and having a tight layer that keeps things in place all the way up the trunk feels fantastic.  So I'll let myself be a creature of habit with those.  And the shoes that I do wear I kept, even if they were from 2008.

After I had finished the closet purge, I felt so much better!  I got rid of so much stuff, the light even shines brighter in there now, it's amazing.  And I felt like I made the most of the inside time.

Aren't we all looking for silly little things that will make us feel better right now?  Try organizing the closet. It just may help.

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