Boise Is Going To Be Cleaner Than Ever
While public places are being scrubbed and disinfected at a record pace, the extra time at home is forcing a bunch of us to get after projects we've been neglecting. I tore up the master closet this week and learned something surprising about myself in the process.
I'm Picking A Fight For Idahoans
Brenda and I have been working to get our credit repaired over the last few years. It's taken quite a beating, especially losing our jobs out of the blue a few years ago. During this time we've been trying to refinance our home and keep coming up against brick walls...
Welcome Home Daddy
Lt Daniel Ogelsby and his men from the 3rd Armored Brigade Combat Team returned from a training mission in Kuwait to their home base of Fort Carson in Colorado.  The 3rd Armored Brigade, had been near Syria training fighters against ISIS for nine months...
Weekend Box Office Report: The Box Office Goes 'Home'
In one of the strongest box office weekends of 2015 so far, both Home and Get Hard opened strong while Insurgent and Cinderella continued to perform well. This was the rare weekend that literally offered something for everyone, with R-rated comedies and animated family fare exceeding expectations.

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