When you talk to a local about living in Idaho, you're likely to hear that "too many people" are moving to the state. It's a hot topic and always will be in Idaho but when you think about it... why are people moving to Idaho in droves? Is it to get away from the busy environment of bigger cities or states like those in California?

Is it strictly for the amazing scenery and beautiful views?

If those are any of the reasons... HOW is this home still for sale?

No, seriously - we found one of the most beautiful log cabins that we've seen for sale on Zillow and it's been there for what seems like forever now.

But, it has everything that someone could want in a home if they're looking to move to Idaho! It almost checks every box:

Isolated from large populations? Check.

Is it a log cabin? Check.

Is it luxurious? Check.

And most importantly, we love that it feels like it's a literal escape... you know, that thing people look for when moving to Idaho? Now, it's important to note that the home is located in Island Park which is just over five hours from Boise in northeast Idaho.

If you don't know, there isn't A LOT out there, but it's absolutely beautiful and still has everything you need. Plus, the home itself is over 5,000 square feet and comes with five bedrooms and seven bathrooms.

How is this log cabin STILL on the market? Surely, it's not the $9.5 million price tag, right?

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