Why I'm Making Piles At My House
We've probably all had it happen now or then.  You plan to take something to work, school, whatever, and leave it at home.  After days of this happening I had to find a better system.
Another Ghost Story Part Deux (Two)
If you didn't read "Another Ghost Story" you may not get the fun of this one.
This happened about six weeks after I had seen the ghost girl.  By that time other people had started telling tales of seeing her.  I worked nights on the FM and Fred Imus, yes the brother o…
Another Ghost Story
This ghost story happened election day 1984. I was working my second radio job at KKAZ/Cheyenne. Now let me set the stage before I tell the story.
KKAZ and KUUY were sister stations in Cheyenne, Wyoming.  The studios were in a building on the west side of town across the railroad tracks...