How about an ice cream that involves no dairy, or an 8 inch long wormy spidery thing, or Goop!  Yeah, Goop is California's food on this list we have.  Every state has some kind of gross food that only they seem to love.  So what's ours? has listed 50 of the nastiest snacks I'm sure I'll never try.  And apparently people like this stuff.  Here's some of what was on the list...


Florida - Gator Tail

Indiana - Brain Sandwich

Minnesota - Pickle Dog

Nebraska - Hot Beef Sundae

North Carolina - Liver Mush

Vermont - Raw Milk

West Virginia - Fried Squirrel


We didn't do much better here in Idaho.  According to the list, the grossest food that we love to eat here is Sturgeon Eggs.

AFP/Getty Images

Now I know we like our fishing here but this stuff looks flat out nasty!  Who's eating this garbage.  I've been told it taste like a salty miniature balloon full of fish goop and butter.  That does not make me want to eat it!  Whoah!!  If you're interested in the Sturgeon Eggs you better get your wallet out.  Going rate is $100 an ounce.


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