Grossest Food Idahoans Love
How about an ice cream that involves no dairy, or an 8 inch long wormy spidery thing, or Goop!  Yeah, Goop is California's food on this list we have.  Every state has some kind of gross food that only they seem to love.  So what's ours?
Clean the Microwave Panel
Say you work in an office like we do, with a wide variety of people. Odds are you have the communal microwave. Our microwave that had been here forever, died last week, so someone brought one in from home or a second hand store, either way we have a microwave that is new to us and works...
Gross Out Alert
This has been the weirdest thing for the last week. I managed to wear the end of my finger playing basketball.  OK, I was palming the ball.  Then somehow I managed to poke the end, right where the pulse point is and because of that the stupid thing wouldn't heal...