This has been the weirdest thing for the last week. I managed to wear the end of my finger playing basketball.  OK, I was palming the ball.  Then somehow I managed to poke the end, right where the pulse point is and because of that the stupid thing wouldn't heal.  All I had to do was touch it on anything and it would become a vampire snack magnet.

I was putting my hand above my head, running cold water over it, ice cubes, even super glue and nothing worked since it was right at that one spot where you can feel your pulse. Thank God it's almost winter, if it would have been summer, the mosquito's around our place would have made me their snack.

I was ready to take stock in band aids, since I was using them so fast. even thought of going to a faith healer and letting them smack me on the forehead and yell "Hallelujah you're healed, now go out and walk or see or hear or what ever." Just smacked it and it started up again, so it's back to band aid time.

I've never been in this situation before, usually I heal fast but I'm afraid to touch it on anything so I type with two fingers and a thumb.  I hold my finger out like it's so fragile and dainty that it will fall off if touched. It looks like it could be a finger end model for "The Walking Dead." It also hurts like it's being poked with a needle if you touch it. Bottom line, it's driving me nuts.

If you have any ideas on ways to get it to stop leave them below.

Kevin Mee

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