LITE-FM's Christmas Wish is back, thanks to our friends at Pioneer Federal Credit Union. 


No one is prepared to hear the words "you have cancer." After developing a limp that wasn't going away, Bobbi's husband, Dan, went to a doctor in search of answers. He heard those three words that day and wasn't prepared for what they told him next. The brain tumor that Dan had developed wasn't just very rare, it had developed in his lower spine.

Dan was faced with an extremely tough decision: let the cancer run its course, knowing it would likely be fatal in two years or less or have life-saving surgery to remove the tumor. It sounds like an easy decision, but the surgery came with a huge caveat. The surgeon would have to remove a portion of his spine and he would live the rest of his life as a paraplegic.

He couldn't imagine not being around for his wife, their kids and grandkids. He opted for the surgery, which was a success. Thanks to his talented surgical team, Dan will be around to celebrate many more Christmases with his family.

However, Jillian, a close family friend tells us that Christmas 2022 will likely be their most challenging. Even with insurance, Dan's surgery was extremely expensive. They'll also have to invest money in modifying their home for Dan's wheelchair and finding him an accessible vehicle to drive. As you can imagine, there's not much left over for Christmas this year. Jillian was hoping that we could help.

We were more than happy to! We shared this family's inspirational survival story with our friend Emma at T-O Engineers in Meridian. She's wanted to be part of Christmas Wish for a long time and got her whole office involved in shopping for Bobbi and Dan's family.

We loaded up the huge shopping cart of gifts she and a co-worker dropped off at the station into the Treasure Valley Subaru Delivery Sleigh and sent our delivery elf, Brittiany to go drop off the big surprise!

Click play to hear Jillian tell us about Bobbi and Dan's year and Bobbi's reaction when she realized that her family was on the receiving end of the Christmas Wishes she'd been hearing on the station.

A Christmas Wish for Bobbi - Pt 1

A Christmas Wish for Bobbi - Pt 2

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