Like a sixth sense, football fans instinctively know tomorrow, September 8, is opening day for the 2022 NFL season. But how did yours truly know? I sought the wisdom of my pigskin-lovin' husband.

Born in the mid-'80s on the Southside of Chicago, my football fandom was practically betrothed to 'Da' Bears. It was January 26, 1986 when they won Super Bowl XX. The Sons of Hallas beat the Patriots 46-10 at the Louisiana Superdome in New Orleans. Walter Payton fans and Ditka diehards everywhere were overcome with righteous vindication, and no one dared to deny them of their glory. That was my humble attempt at describing Chicago's most sacred and salient football moment. It wasn't ESPN poetry per say, but I tried, man. When asked for his take on Super XX, my husband's sentiment was a bit more...spirited.

The Bears played '80s smash-mouth football in the trenches—3x2 defense—John McMahon, blind as a **bleepin'** bat, Super Bowl shuffle, pinnacle of manliness, God's angel on earth Walter Payton, the 'Fridge' leadin' the way under the Divine wisdom of Saint Michael Ditka [trails off, mumbling incoherently]...

—My husband, ladies & gentlemen

As he Super Bowl Shuffled his way to the kitchen counter to get more grub, the last I was able to make out were a few rage-fueled expletives about how the Bears haven't seen the **bleepin'** Lombardi trophy since that fateful day because the following 36 years have been a non-stop **bleepin'** disaster. Back off, ladies. That bearded, foul-mouthed football fan with a barbeque stain on his white t-shirt is mine. What's more, he's the football fanatic I aspire to be.

This past year, my husband moved home to live with our family full-time after retiring from a career of honorable service in the Army's Special Operations community. Now that we can finally watch the game together, I'm embracing a crash course in Football 101! To make sure I don't punk out, I up and joined my boss' fantasy football league! I think, or really, I hope I have what it takes to learn the game. As if bonding with my husband isn't motivation enough, I've got a can't stop won't stop desire to bond with Boise Broncos fans!

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