A few years ago, my family started to get into pho. It's a Vietnamese soup that has broth, noodles, spices, and some form of protein. For a long time, I thought it rhymed with Joe, but it actually rhymes with "duh." If you are looking to try some pho for yourself, there are five Boise spots that Yelp suggests:

Pho Nguyen
7310 W State Street
During the pandemic, Pho Ngyuen is serving outdoors, and they are well known for their take-out service.

Pho Bac
7700 W Goddard Road
The reviews of Pho Bac seem to all talk about the great taste and the excellent prices.

Pho Le
2146 S Broadway Avenue
The common theme of the reviews is that this is a great place to try pho for the first time.

Pho Nouveau
780 W Idaho Street
A lot of reviews about Pho Nouveau talk about their happy hour and great pricing.

Pho Tay
10548 W Fairview Avenue
The great service is the common theme of the Pho Tay reviews.

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