After Saturday's Vegas Bowl, Boise State is now 3-0 against the Oregon Ducks.  In true Bronco Bowl fashion, the guys broke out a new trick play to drown the Ducks!

When Boise State accepted the invitation to the Vegas Bowl on Selection Sunday, I was stoked for the Broncos vs Ducks match-up...until I saw the date of the game.  My friend and I had committed to being part of a pop-up Christmas market that day that ran from 12-5 p.m.  Luckily, our friends at Lost Grove Brewing (they hosted the market) brought in a TV especially to show the game at the brewery.

I'll admit it, because we were busy I wasn't giving the game 100% of my attention. That was until my friend yelled "DID YOU SEE THAT?!" I look up and see Ryan Wolpin running into the end zone said "Yay! We scored!" That's when she informed me that there were players dancing at the beginning of the play.

Dancing? Had she lost her mind? Nope.  It really happened and it took Twitter by storm!

It was so bizarre that they did it again in the fourth quarter. Some Oregon fans wanted false start or illegal motion penalty called, but according to NESN because the strange dance happened before the play started it was perfectly legal. If you listen to the call, it really caught announcer, Kirk Herbstreit, by surprise too!  We have so many questions like "why?" and "how long did it take to perfect that?!" but no one from the team has talked about it yet!

Of course, we know Boise State has a history of getting creative with trick plays during bowl games.  While this one was just fun to watch, the Broncos will forever be known for the hook and ladder they ran to send the 2007 Fiesta Bowl against Oklahoma into overtime. BTW, Coach Pete may have been the head coach at the time...but it was offensive coordinator, Bryan Harsin, that drew up the play that would eventually be nicknamed "Circus" by the Broncos!

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