We were scrolling through Facebook the other night when we saw a fascinating discussion taking off in one of Boise's many "foodie groups." 

Someone raised the question "what would prompt you to go above and beyond what you'd normally tip?" It was refreshing to see that the majority of the folks said that they've been tipping more now than they were before the pandemic started because they understand how difficult it can be to serve while restaurants are extremely understaffed. Unless the service was absolutely horrific, people in the Treasure Valley are tipping no less than 20%.

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But what kind and thoughtful things have Boise area servers done (whether they knew it or not) to earn themselves a little bit extra? This is what we found out reading through the posts in the group and by polling our own listeners!

Boise Reveals 11 Thoughtful Things That Can Earn Servers a Higher Tip

We recently polled our audience to see what things local servers have done that inspired them to tip above and beyond what they initially had planned.

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