A Boise television reporter/news host is under heavy criticism for his tweet involving a 69-year-old grandmother who is a breast cancer survivor. KTVB's Brian Holmes tweeted his take on Pam Hemphill, who is currently serving sixty days in federal prison for covering the January 6th storming of the capitol dome in Washington DC.

(This story first appeared in July, it is part of our stories of the year series.)

On channel seven, Mr. Holmes hosts the 208 news/opinion show weeknights at 5 pm and co-hosts the 10 pm news. Viewers are expected to believe that it's okay for Mr. Holmes to give his opinion under the guise of 'asking questions' at 5 pm and be objective news anchor at 10 pm.  A look at his many adventures on KTVB.

Watch Brian Holmes Through the Years

Mr. Holmes proactively engages with his audience on Twitter, debating local and cultural issues. His recent tweet following his interview with Ms. Hemphill has resulted in a massive negative backlash. Media organizations and individuals are calling for Mr. Holmes to be fired.

What Did Brian Holmes Tweet?

His co host, Morgan Romero, joined Mr. Holmes in commenting on the 69-year-old grandmother fighting breast cancer and spending 60 days in federal prison.

We will leave others to conclude their comments. However, most reporters claim they do not have a bias or an opinion. It did not take long for the Twitter community to condemn Mr. Holmes.

Twitter calls for Mr. Holmes to be Cancelled

It did not take long for many folks on Twitter to react to the tweet. National media organizations to individuals are calling for Mr. Holmes to be fired. He has not tweeted since last week. (Warning some content contains offensive language.)





What's Next For Brian Holmes?  Will He Apologize for the Tweet?

Mr. Holmes has the opportunity to answer his numerous critics by saying he is sorry and moving on. Will he do that? We will be tuned in to find out.

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