The more "top" lists that the Treasure Valley makes, the more people cry "make it stop!"

After talking to our listeners, many of you blame Boise ranking high on lists like "the fastest growing cities in the United States," "top places to retire" and "coolest downtown" for our on going growth problem.  There might be a little truth behind that as people more and more people discover that Boise isn't just full of potatoes.

Then again, that's something that college football fans have known since 1986 when Boise State's famous blue turf was installed at Bronco Stadium.  The unique playing surface earned the field all kinds of nicknames like "smurf turf" or "blue plastic tundra" and was one of the biggest spectacles in the NCAA.  Some could argue that until Coach Pete and the guys won a couple Fiesta Bowls and had a few undefeated seasons, "The Blue" was the only thing people outside the state of Idaho knew about Boise State Football.

So why am I giving you this brief history of the blue turf? Well, because the Top 20 list that Boise found itself on now is "20 College Football Towns You Must Visit This Fall." The list, put together by MSN Travel Pulse, encourages hard core college football fans to explore new cities to tailgate and cheer in as the unofficial start of fall arrives on Labor Day Weekend.

Between "The Blue" and the way the Broncos came together to close out the season with Mountain West and Las Vegas Bowl titles in 2017, we can't argue with Boise coming in #18 on the list.  And don't worry, the list didn't give away all of our city's secrets.  It just mentions the trails along the Boise River, the Boise Depot and Old Pen...things that normally get mentioned during the television broadcasts during football anyway!

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