It's hot.  But the good news is, Boise didn't make the list of the hottest cities in the US, with more than 150 days each year above 90. Ouch!  See who did, and what Boise's average summer temp should be.

Yesterday was one of those days that I broke a sweat on that walk between the car in the parking lot and the front door of my favorite happy hour joint.  And our hot dates may be seeing us with sweat beads and smudged makeup all week long, because the upper 90s are not going away just yet.  While we're beating the heat this week with fruity cocktails, we can celebrate the fact that we don't live in one of these other American saunas.

Phoenix is the hottest city in America, with 169 days of temperatures at or above 90°F each year.  I'm not good at math, but I think that's about half the year.  Can you imagine the electric bills?  Holy smokes.  Average high temperatures in July and August are 106.1°F and 104.4°F, respectively in Phoenix.  That's two straight months of blistering sunburns, sweat, and sky high electric bills.  The heat this week in Boise suddenly doesn't seem so bad, cuz it will break.

Boise averages 206 sunny days every year, and not much of the extreme heat to go with it.  The average high is 90 in July.  The average high here in September is 79.  Can't wait.

The Boise River opens this week by the way, on the 29th.  So we'll see you there Wednesday, when temps are supposed to be around 100 again.  Heat be danged!  We got sunscreen, ice, and fruity drinks and all is well.  At least it's not Phoenix.

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