Society is weird, isn’t it? We’ll complain about how high gas prices are, but immediately turn around and go grab a fancy coffee creation from Dutch or Starbucks that costs more than a gallon of gas. 

Larry Downs/Down Realty Llc via
Larry Downs/Down Realty Llc via

Think about it. If you gave up that large daily Carmalizer for two weeks, you could almost fill your tank with the money you saved on coffee. Crazy, right? Now, we’re not suggesting that treating yourself to a daily coffee is a bad thing. Having a good cup of coffee sets the tone for your day. If it makes you happy, get the coffee! 

We just wanted to make the point, that there’s a house listed on Zillow in Boise for LESS than a cup of coffee or a gallon of gas! 3939 S Valley Forge Avenue in Boise is currently listed on Zillow for $1. Yes, you read that right. $1. Two rolls of pennies.

In a real estate market as silly overvalued as Boise, the listing immediately stands out when you’re Zillow surfing. So why is this home listed for $1? We did some digging to find out!

Southeast Boise Home Appears on Zillow for $1

Could this home REALLY cost less than the drink bought at Dutch this morning?!

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