Where’s the best fireworks stand in the Treasure Valley?

I rate them on several levels:

1) Selection

2) Price

3) Easy Parking

4) Close to my home (downtown Boise in this case)?

5) How helpful are the people working the stand?

My three young boys are so excited about the 4th this year yet when I go to light the fireworks this Friday, they will be a little scared too. The shock and awe of fireworks when you’re young is incredible. I remember my first sparkler like it was yesterday. I got burned, and it was a good one!

My parents just handed it to me and told me to wave it around. The sparks got close and lit my shirt on fire and I got burned. I still have the scar and a nice reminder; keep fireworks out of younger hands. I light the fireworks for my kids. They get to watch from a good distance away.

Take the National Council on Fireworks Safety, safety quiz by clicking here. I received 10/10 correct answers but I know there’s a lot of folks in the Treasure Valley that wouldn’t succeed. Just ask the ER docs at St. Luke’s or St. Al’s.

Here’s a fun guide to the types of fireworks that are out there. I just ask for cool, colorful, sparkly fireworks so this guide may help me.

Here's to a happy and safe 4th of July!

Leave your comment below to your favorite firework stand and I'll share with everyone.





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